jueves, 21 de noviembre de 2013


 The life of JFK has been bring to the screen and play a big part.
Your charisma and glamour are very interesting throgout the last fifty years.
Kennedy was amazingly telegenic; the camera ate him up. His winning presence on television helped get him elected, and it was television that carried the wall-to-wall shock and sorrow in the days immediately following his death in November 1963.

These are something films about JFK and his life :

Cliff Robertson in 'PT 109'

Cliff Robertson portrayed Lt. John F. Kennedyin the 1963 movie based on the president's experiences in the South Pacific during World War II. The film was released just five months before Kennedy was assassinated.

William Devane in 'The Missiles of October'

William Devane played the president in the 1974 movie about the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Martin Sheen in 'Kennedy'

Before he played fictional president Jed Bartlet onThe West WingMartin Sheen stepped into the Oval Office in the 1983 miniseries Kennedy.

Stephen Collins in 'A Woman Named Jackie'

Before ascending to 7th HeavenStephen Collinsplayed JFK in the 1991 miniseries about the first lady.

Patrick Dempsey in 'J.F.K.: Reckless Youth'

Patrick Dempsey played Kennedy in the 1993 TV movie about the president's early years.

William Petersen in 'The Rat Pack'

Before he started solving crimes as Gil Grissom onCSIWilliam Petersen played JFK in this 1998 TV movie.


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